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Hygienic filler is an effective remedy for removal of unpleasant odors; it also helps to
keep the house clean and tidy, to create comfortable living conditions.

Nowadays at the Ukrainian market of products for pets sanitary fillers of foreign and Ukrainian origin are widely represented.
Our company has been producing and sailing this kind of goods for more than 15 years.

We use the data of testing in technological laboratory and regularly compare the characteristics of the hygienic fillers, represented on the market. As a result the company has accumulated a certain experience that helps us to improve quality of the goods.

The choice of hygienic fillers is various. It is very difficult for a buyer to make a correct choice. In this article we would like to share our experience and observations.

We can divide fillers on adsorbents (most effective) and non adsorbents (very weak).

The fillers should have such key characteristics:

  • Moisture absorption;
  • Smell absorption;
  • Absence of dust;
  • Absence of chemical additives;
  • Antibacterial action;
  • Deduction in a clump (carbonizing) - for «clumping» litter;
  • Attractive appearance.

It is difficult to get the filler with the above mentioned characteristics as an initial raw material does not contain these characteristics. Thereby there is a necessity to create compound fillers, because different minerals posses their own peculiar properties.

  • Bentonite: excellent absorption, germicidal effect, good clumping, but poor smell absorption
  • Zeolite: excellent germicidal effect; poor moisture absorption, poor smell absorption
  • Palygorskite: excellent smell and moisture absorption; bad clumping

Fillers that don’t posses adsorptive properties (made of cellulose, sawdust e. t. c.) are not effective; they poorly absorb moisture, don’t absorb smell. Therefore their price should be much lower than the price of the fillers made of adsorbents.

"Torgresourse" Ltd. produces compound fillers “BARS” that combine all positive qualities of various kinds of fillers. Nowadays our offer is the most attractive on the whole market according to its quality, range of goods and, what is the most important, price.

Main characteristics of the compound fillers:

  • Effective moisture absorption
  • Relative humidity is 6% - 8%, while in other products of this kind it’s 8% -19 %
  • Excellent smell absorption and retaining
  • Ability to effect as germicidal substance, as it contains the whole range of the natural elements
  • Ability to clump together for a long time (Ukrainian examples don’t clump)
  • Variety of the produced portions is 0,32 mm-5,0 mm
  • Amount of dust in the product (from the whole mass) – less than 2 %
  • This product doesn’t contain chemical additives

The product is produced as:

  • “BARS” litter – 5 kg & 2,5 kg in paper and plastic packages, according to the buyer’s choice, in plastic bags for nurseries, terrariums, zoos, it also can be used as sanitary litter for reptiles, rodents and birds.
  • To aromatize some kinds of fillers we use only natural essential lavender oil

The products are packed up in plastic bags 4 or 8 pc. each to preserve their qualities and make the transportation comfortable.

Nowadays thanks to the high and constant quality, regular delivery of goods and flexible financial policy the products of our company are widely represented on the Ukrainian market of goods for pets.

Your pet will be happy with our product!


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